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San Diego Civil Engineering
– Schwerin & Associates 

Schwerin and Associates is a San Diego civil engineering firm that specializes in medium-sized civil engineering projects, primarily in the areas of multi-family residential and commercial. The company’s core competencies are:

  • Projects requiring civil engineering services including road design, mapping, utilities, land form
  • Project management for the conceptual phases, particularly within the City of San Diego
  • Expert witness services to attorneys and landowners on matters of land use, including drainage, condemnations, and municipal approvals.

Schwerin & Associate’s history of successfully guiding tasks and projects on behalf of clients is based upon an enviable reputation for:

  • Professional management of complex multi-phase projects such as subdivisions, rezones, special use permits etc.
  • Detailed knowledge of City of San Diego land use issues
  • Long-term professional relationships in the municipal departments
  • Creative thinking to overcome obstacles and achieve the desired land use goal
  • Thorough and complete packaging of discretionary applications.

Key clients:

  • Land owners
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Construction firms
  • Engineering firms
  • Insurance companies
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