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Project Management   

Architects, developers and landowners want to focus on what they do best: design and build facilities and infrastructure.  If desired, we can provide management through the discretionary (concept) phases within the governing municipality.  We have established successful relationships with multiple sub consultants in disciplines such as traffic, biology, greenhouse gas, fairy shrimp mitigation, etc. 

Key features and abilities of Schwerin & Associates staff to professionally manage complex multi-phase projects such as subdivisions, multi-building development, and rezoning:

    • Detailed knowledge of land use issues in city of San Diego to know what is easily approved and what is not
    • Long term relationships within municipal agencies
    • Creative thinking on behalf of the client to achieve goals and overcome potential obstacles and complex technicalities
    • Thorough and complete packaging of discretionary applications
    • Long term association with well qualified consultants to achieve desired reports quickly and competitively priced
    • Well known/respected in the real estate development community
    • Demonstrated communication talents
    • Accurate budgeting and forecasting
    • Successful business owner.  Small, efficient office; you deal with the top

We have relationships with subconsultants who provide specialized services required to successfully complete a development project. 

Schwerin & Associates excels in managing multiple sub consultants in disciplines such as:

  • Traffic
  • Greenhouse gas
  • Fairy Shrimp mitigation
  • NOP – Notice of Preparation
  • Air Quality Assessment
  • Biological
  • Geotechnical
  • Archeological Resources
  • Paleontological Resources
  • Acoustical Site Assessment
  • Will-Serve letters
  • Landscaping
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